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Nel Hydrogen already had a WordPress website built for them, but they struggled with keeping it up to date, and with customising it more to their needs without having to always contact their web developers, so they approached us for help.

We suggesting rebuilding the site using Elementor as a page builder in the backend, which would give them the freedom to get creative with their page layout. It wasn’t as simple as just installing a plugin however, as some necessary software integrations had never been achieved before with Elementor.

Nel’s marketing department needed the forms on the site to integrate seamlessly with Pardot from Salesforce in order to track their leads, but also wanted the freedom Elementor offers regarding form creation. So working with the team in California, we successfully integrated Pardot with Elementor’s contact forms and now every submitted form registers user information instantly in Salesforce.

The site now is fast, lightweight, and it’s easy for the team at Nel Hydrogen to make updates themselves, as and when they need to.

Visit Nel Hydrogen.

Nel Hydrogen

Renewable Energy - Oslo, Norway