Nel Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the future of renewable energy, and at Overbord we are all about sustainability and the environment, so we were SUPER excited when Nel reached out to us about a site migration.

We suggested rebuilding their existing site using Elementor as a page builder in the backend, which would give them the freedom to get creative with their page layouts.

Given that Nel already had a website, we needed to ensure that all of their existing functionality remained intact, while also having the flexibility Elementor offers – and this meant setting up some software integrations which to our knowledge had never been achieved before.

Nel’s marketing department needed the forms on the site to integrate seamlessly with Pardot from Salesforce in order to track their leads, but also wanted the freedom Elementor offers regarding form creation.

Working with the team in California, we integrated Pardot with Elementor’s contact forms and now every submitted form registers user information instantly in Salesforce.

Words from the client:

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